Berget 10 Summer 2012

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Berget 10 Summer 2012

Postprzez Lesław » 2011-10-19, 15:00

Berget 10 - Summer 2012

On Friday the 21st of October 2011 20:00 CET, Berget Events will launch the new website on for its upcoming ten year anniversary game. It will be something special for both new and veteran players, so make sure to check it out!

Tickets will be released in early November, more info will be posted on the new website. The tickets are limited, and during the first four hours of release they are sold at a 20-30 EURO discount.

Best regards

- Berget crew

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Payment questions:
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Re: Berget 10 Summer 2012

Postprzez Lup » 2011-10-22, 23:49

Berget 10 is the 10th anniversary of the Berget games and we will have some really special things prepared for both new and old players this year!

First of all there will be a pre-game happening in our Big safezone tent. We will show an exclusive made "10 years of Berget" -movie with lots of unseen material from past years, interviews with both crew and players. There will also be beer, food and entertainment for the rest of the evening.

You will also find airsoft companies from all over the world showing and selling some of their products.

For the game itself we will introduce new unit types like the milsim unit NAF 9th Reconnaissance & Sniper Unit where players will work in two man teams (sniper & spotter) with hardcore missions, special training and equipment requirements. Some Zansian units will also be open for registrations.

Game area wise we will introduce MGL (Multiple game locations) which means that players in some units will be parachuted (driven in big 50 man buses with covered windows)into new game locations like factories, missile silo locations, islands or other unreachable mission locations. There will be a main big game area so units will unlock these special locations during the game and will receive new maps and objectives concerning them. Mechanized units will also have more freedom to move into different locations.

The B.A.V.S (Berget anti vehicle system) will be upgraded to next version and the 40mm grenades will be more compatible with most grenade launchers on the market.
Lots of effort will be put into a better working radio network, antennas, repeaters and com equipment. A professional radio technician will be assigned to the Berget-team so things will be able to operate more smoothly. All officers from platoonlevel and up will borrow a pre programmed radio (puxing) from berget-events.

All Battalion commanders will get free tickets and food. Company and platoon officers will get free food during the event.

Commanders will have more tactical options for units to place "Field hospitals" close to mission locations to gain the upper hand.

More game-masters and trustees will be recruited to make sure players play safe and fair.

Like last year you will have the opportunity to order BB´s and gas directly when booking your ticket to exceptionally low prices.
The tickets will go on sale on Sunday 20:00 CET the 6th of November. The tickets will be sold at a 30 EURO discount at the first four hours and following this tickets prices will increase at the end of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.
20 Oct 2011 - 23:09

Scheduled times, dates & location
Location: Sweden - Härnösand

Dates: Tuesday the 26th of June - Sunday 1st of July 2012

Safezone will be open during 09:00 - 24:00 26th - 2nd of Juli.

Check in opens: Tuesday 26th 09:00 CET
Pre-event starts: 18:00 CET Tuesday 26th
Pre-event ends: 24:00 CET Tuesday 26th
Team Gatherings: All players shall gather in their homebase before 19:00 CET the 27th of June 2012.
Game start: 22:00 CET Wednesday 27th
Game ends: 15:00 CET Saturday 30th.
Check-out opens: 16:00 CET Saturday 30th (Returning of, Radios, AT4´s, BAVS hit receivers, 40mm, grenades, officer patches etc.
Beer party starts: 18:00 CET Saturday 30th
Beer party ends: 24:00 CET Saturday 30th
Check-out opens: 09:00 CET Sunday 1st of Juli (Returning of, Radios, AT4´s, BAVS hit receivers, 40mm, grenades, officer patches etc.

Safezone, Gamearea and parking wont be open until tuesday the 26th 09:00. Before that you have to stay at camping or hotel/hostel in Härnösand city.

General questions:

Payment and invoices:

Partners and companies:

+46 76-1404515 (Closed until June 2012, please use email untill then)

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