sad news from Portugal :(

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sad news from Portugal :(

Postprzez Lup » 2014-12-06, 03:26

Ci co robili wypady trochę dalej powinni kojarzyć grupę z Portugalii.
When we receive the sad news, the world opened below our feet.
Carlos "Rescue" Varela, one of the oldest airsoft players in Portugal, died in a helicopter crash.
Rescue was a Ranger in his military days, in the portuguese Red Cross, he was a volunter, and later became a helicopter pilot and after, a helicopter instructor.
He was in our airsoft team since 2008, and it was a brother in our family.
We're devasted, but we're sure that Rescue it's looking for us somewhere. We're sure that Rescue gonna be with us, side by side in the Airsoft "combats".
See you one day my friend.
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